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November 21


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An unforgettable evening alongside game-changing entrepreneurs, top investors, and international industry leaders as we raise critical funds to support the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement. A portion of your ticket is U.S. tax-deductible.




500+ like minded people who believe that entrepreneurship will change the world, including extraordinary entrepreneurs, top investors, brilliant industry leaders, and innovative corporate partners from New York and 35+ growth markets around the world.



An unforgettable and experiential evening connecting with Endeavor’s unparalleled global network while learning about game-changing entrepreneurs around the world. High-Impact Night is held alongside The Endeavor Gala (same venue!) and Gala goers will join the festivities after dinner when High-Impact Night transforms into the official Gala afterparty. Your ticket includes an unlimited supply of inspired eats, creative cocktails, and entertainment.



Thursday, November 21




Spring Studios | New York City



To raise critical funds to support the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world. Endeavor is transforming the economies of 35+ growth markets by helping entrepreneurs scale, create jobs, and multiply their impact by becoming outstanding role models, mentors, and investors to the next generation of founders. Together, these entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth in every part of the world.

*Endeavor is a 501c3 non-profit and a portion of your ticket is US tax-deductible.



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A portion of your ticket is U.S. tax deductible.

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Endeavor has screened over 60K companies across industries and geographies and less than 3% are selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Endeavor’s four "profile types" categorize entrepreneurs during our rigorous selection process. These profile types are used as a framework to help ask the right questions, and ultimately helping determine if a given entrepreneur is truly a high-impact entrepreneur, and therefore an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

These profile types include: Star, Diamond, Rocketship, and Transformer, and are described below!

*As a 501c3 non-profit a portion of all contributions is U.S. tax deductible.

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Star Sponsorship

"STAR" Endeavor Entrepreneurs are those with big, charismatic personalities who inspire deep customer loyalty through differentiated design.



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Private Lounge for 20 guests

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Diamond Sponsorship

"DIAMOND" Endeavor Entrepreneurs are tech-savvy dreamers who start disruptive companies and can become game-changers if they succeed.



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"ROCKETSHIP" Endeavor Entrepreneurs are strategic thinkers with managerial background who are relentlessly focused on efficiency; they are poised for exponential growth.



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"TRANSFORMER" Endeavor Entrepreneurs are forward-thinking leaders aiming to re-invent a traditional business or industry; they create significant number of jobs and high growth.



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About Endeavor

Endeavor is a mission-driven, global organization leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement. Endeavor was founded on the belief that job creation, innovation, and overall prosperity flourish where there is robust support for high-impact entrepreneurs. Launched in 1997, Endeavor has established a presence in nearly 40 markets across Latin America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and underserved areas of Europe and the United States. Today, Endeavor supports over 1,900 high-impact entrepreneurs at the “scale-up” stage, offering them a best-in-class seal of approval, an unrivaled personal and professional network, frictionless co-investment capital, and peer-to-peer idea exchange in a truly global setting. In 2018, Endeavor companies generated over $20BN in revenues and created over 3MM+ jobs in their markets. Endeavor’s ultimate aim is a more equitable and prosperous future for everyone. To learn more, please go to www.endeavor.org